Terry Herron

Let me introduce myself.   I'm Terry Herron. Since I was 12,  I was totally addicted to singing and to the great songs & styles of the 40’s through 60’s.   It was a time when the emphasis was on Lyrics and the “story or message” coming out of each song.  Cole Porter, Mercer, Sammy Cohn, Mancini and all those great writers were brilliant in their timeless creations.  Growing up during the birth of rock & roll with Elvis, the Beattles, Buddy Holly, Johny Cash …. I always kept my eyes & ears on the standards and their endless interpretations by Ella, Sarah, Frank, Steve & Eydie, and others.

After 30 years of singing,  I can now call this “my music” because I’ve performed it so many times, in so many places,  and in my own way.   I’m not Sinatra, and I  try not to copy his incredible style, but when I sing “My Way”,  I personally share my feelings with my audience, and trust me … they get my message.

Some of the greatest all-time singers also came from this era.  You know who they are, but my personal idols are Neil Diamond,  James Taylor, Sinatra, Jack Jones, & Steve Lawrence.  I also admire the younger generation of crooners like Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble’.  These young singers breath new life into the old standards, because the lyrics themselves allow any good singer to re-interpret and re-invent  with new stylings, new tempos, and new instrumentals, from Latin, to straight jazz.

By now you get the message:  I love this music, I love singing, and fortunately I’m very good at it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Click on the Music tab and check me out.